This article will help you configure your live video display when it is shown in the Participants List.

If you need help configuring your video display while using the Live Video Module tab, click here.

If you need help setting up your webcam, click here.

By displaying your live video feed in the Participants List, you can free up the rest of the Media Display area for other modules, like Slides or Screen Sharing. You also have access to settings not available in the Live Video tab.
  • You can Pop-Out your video as a floating window that can hover over other Media Module content, allowing you to have more control over the display size of your video.

    To pop out your video, click the Pop Out Video icon.

  • Once popped out, you can expand the size of the video window by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of the video window.

  • You can update the size for all participants by clicking the Refresh┬áicon.
  • You can dock the video underneath your name in the Participants List again by clicking the Dock Video┬áicon.