This article will help you configure your live video display when it is shown in the Live Video Media Tab.

If you need help configuring your video display while displaying it in the Participant List, click here.

If you need help setting up your webcam, click here.

By displaying your video feed in the Live Video media tab, you can display your video at a much larger size by default, making your video much more visible to your attendees. You can also show multiple video feeds here at once (up to a maximum of four), making them much easier to see. Finally, you have access to some settings not available when the video is shown in the Participants List.

  • You can add titles to your live video feed(s) by clicking the "T" icon at the upper right corner of the video:

  • You can configure these titles to have customized colors and sizes, as well as set the position and timing for visibility

  • Once you have the titles configured the way you like, click the Add Caption button.