Below is a list of commonly asked questions regarding the Webinato Application:

What is the Webinato Application?

The Webinato Application is a different way of accessing Webinato hosted content separate from using a standard web browser and the Flash Player plugin. This application is a standalone desktop application, available for Windows, Mac OSand Linux (Ubuntu) which you can access via any Webinato Login Page.

Why was the Webinato Application developed?

Flash Player support is set to expire for standard web browsers on December 31, 2020. Since the Webinato service depends on Flash Player to run, our development team created this app to allow all new and existing clients and their audiences to view Webinato hosted content using a separate desktop application, similar to most other webinar providers.

How do I download and install the Webinato Application?

The Webinato Application can be downloaded via the Use Webinato Application button seen on any Webinato Login Page. You can also download the installers using the links below:

Windows Installer

macOS Installer

Note: Linux installer can be obtained automatically on the login page. See the instructions below.

Simply follow the on-screen directions, or read the articles below, to install the application on your computer:

Windows Installation Instructions

macOS Installation Instructions

Linux Installation Instructions

How does the Webinato Application work?

The Webinato Application works very similarly to other standard web browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, but does so with Webinato pages as the focus. It allows you to view Webinato content without having to worry about enabling Flash Player as you do with other browsers and does so in a very easy-to-use package. Also, webinar access links loaded in standard browsers can be set to launch the application automatically when clicked, allowing for easy attendee access for all existing and future events.

Depending on your user role, the application may behave differently:

    You will access your webinars as normal, via your confirmation emails and existing access links from your content provider. At the time of login, you will be given a choice between using the Webinato Application or standard browser access (which will be removed after Dec. 31, 2020).
    You will access all Webinato content (Admin Pages, Rooms, and Reports) by launching the Webinato Application directly from your desktop and entering your Company URL ( [company name] ).

Do I have to use the Webinato Application right now?

Until December 2020, you have a choice to use either the Webinato Application or the existing browser option with the Flash Player plugin upon login. Both options will work just fine for now, but remember that after December 2020, the Flash Player option will be removed, after support for Flash Player ends and it is removed from all standard browsers.

Is it safe to install the Webinato Application on my computer?

The Webinato Application has been digitally signed and verified as a safe program and is recognized as such by most of the major anti-malware and anti-virus software and services available. It is safe to install this application on any computer, Mac, or PC.

What do I do if the Webinato Application is blocked by my anti-virus software?

You can follow the directions HERE to allow the application to be installed, or to run after installation. The application has been digitally signed and is completely safe to use. Instructions will vary depending on your anti-virus software provider.