This is great news for Linux users! Webinato now supports Linux and if you are a Linux user, you can access and participate in Webinato webinars in seconds. This guide is for Linux users who are willing to install and use the new Webinato application.

This guide will walk you through the installation on Linux; for Windows installation instructions, click HERE. for macOS installation instructions, click HERE.

Q: I am an Organizer/Presenter, can I use it to manage webinars?
A: This application is for attendees. If you are an organizer, you may still run the application and may be able to use your microphone and webcam (depends on your device and it may or may not work). There will be no screen sharing application.

Compatibility: This installer supports only UBUNTU based Linux editions


Webinato login page detects your operating system and the appropriate installer will be provided to you

  1. Open any Webinato login links in a standard web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome - you must have disabled Flash Player in these browsers
  2. Click Use Webinato Application as in the screenshot below

  3. In the next window, click "Download the Webinato Application deb file (right-click here and select "Save Link As")" to start downloading the installer

  4. As soon as you click the link, the download will start. Save the file
  5. Click the link in the download section of your browser to open the installer
  6. The browser will open the WebinatoSetup.deb installer using the Ubuntu application installer
  7. Click Install

  8. The installer will install the application and finish

  9. Close the installer

Testing the Application

  1. Launch the Webinato application from the applications list
  2. You will get the following window
  3. If this opens up the Webinato application installation is completed successfully

To learn how to log in to the Webinato application, click HERE